Dry Clean

Did you know that dry cleaning can prolong the life of your clothes? It’s true! Stains set in to the fabric as they age, and dirt and soil can act as an abrasive – resulting in rapid wear of the garment’s fibers. In addition, insects are attracted to soiled clothing – so storing soiled clothing can lead to more damage in the long run

So when you need a reputable and reviewed dry cleaner, turn to VIPS We’ve been removing stains and spots for years, and we’re also proud to be a Certified Professional Wet Cleaners


What makes VIPS superior to others?

  • Convenient. Simply drop your clothes off at our convenient location or schedule a pick-up from your home or office. We’ll deliver them, too!
  • Quick. Your garments will be pressed, cleaned, and delivered within two days. Need something in a pinch? Just let us know – same-day service is available
  • Professional. Our award-winning staff understands how to care for garments of every material, and has an extensive line of spotting tools to treat stains of all types

What is Wet Cleaning?

Contrary to what the name suggests, wet cleaning isn‘t just tossing your clothes in a washing machine. It‘s an alternative way to clean those “Dry Clean Only” garments – but without the toxic chemicals! Professional wet cleaning is also an effective solution for items that cannot be dry-cleaned, such as garments with beading.

With computer-controlled washers and dryers, we can precisely control mechanical action and temperatures during the cleaning process. With reduced stress on the delicate fabric, wet cleaning avoids dye bleeding, stretching, and shrinking. We also use special synthetic detergents to coat the garment’s fibers – something that your home washing machine just can‘t do.